Sunday, November 22, 2009

Georgia in the Meadows

I like the meadows neighborhood, as I have mentioned previously, though Georgia Street is a little different, for some reason most of Georgia is a very wide street cutting across the neighborhood to Truman Avenue.
They call it The Meadows because apparently it was a field after World war Two when a developer decided to turn it into housing. Perhaps it was a style choice, or perhaps it was all they knew in Key West but the bulk of the housing here imitates the preferred type of construction characteristic of Old Town. here the strictures of the Historic Architectural Review Commission don't necessarily apply. Just as well:
It's a mish mash sort of area, a vast collection of garbage cans,
And Halloween still celebrated by a ghoul hanging off the balcony.
Old style louvered windows and a concrete block house:
It was a bright sunny afternoon which brought out the colors, especially through the autumnal absence of leaves.
I find myself surprised to see busy construction work going on. This used to be a common sight around town, but these days it's much more rare to see cement being poured:
This is one of the proper wooden Key West homes, with Bahama shutter sand picket fence:
This is at the corner of Petronia Street where Georgia becomes uncharacteristically wide:
And around the corner I saw a sight I expect to see a lot more of, in the future. Actually I'm surprised more city residents don't drive electric cars, these egg cars and the more conventional-looking Zenn ("zero emission, zero noise") cars are still fairly rare on the streets:
And here I've included a few random street views:
I was out on my wife's Vespa ET4 to give it an airing.
Which, when I think about it, this is an unexceptional street in the middle of an exceptionally pretty neighborhood.