Thursday, December 7, 2017

Winter Season

It's not getting any better as we approach the third month anniversary of the Category Four Hurricane that came ashore near here, Spanish Main Boulevard on Cudjoe Key. This is the view when I come or go from my home at the southern end of Spanish Main. My wife keeps a running tally of the new appliances and furniture and large amorphous lumps of garbage that are being added surreptiously to the Hurricane Irma wreckage that lines our subdivisions.
I took Rusty for a walk on Sugarloaf Key on Tuesday and struggled to find a clear spot to park my car before we set off on foot.
 Ramrod Key has a pick up spot that empties and fills as garbage is shuffled around. Currently it looks fairly empty in this photo I took from my car as I paused alongside the highway. 
The post office on Summerland Key has re-opened though it looks rather forlorn frankly. This is their temporary sales area:
Key West looks pretty much a sit always has, and this was the sole picture I got for the holiday parade because I had to go to work before it got underway. There's no garbage piled up in tourist land. 
I walked past the former Secretary of State's office on Simonton Street. Peter Anderson who made the Conch Republic into a profitable state of mind is long since dead, and his office has been transformed into a consignment store which seems ironically representative of the state itself. The Conch Republic paraphernalia is still available online. 
Christmas is coming and as a premature gift we are promised a cold front this weekend. Some people think we may see overnight lows in the mid 50s. I'm sceptical not least because I haven't seen temperatures below 60 degrees (15 Canadian) in a decade at least.
Perusing one of the Keys related Facebook sites I found this picture of the Australian pine on the old seven mile bridge getting decorated. Very cool.
 I saw some Christmas lights winking ona  pile of roadside garbage on Sugarloaf Key on my way to work. That made me smile.