Monday, December 15, 2014

Cheyenne At Mile Zero

Preventing me from going home to enjoy a pot of tea on International Tea Day.

Key West's Charm

How is it I've never seen (noticed) this mural before?
It is on the side of this place that used to be musical instrument store on Caroline Street.

It's getting closer to Christmas than I realize. And as that deadline hurtles towards us...

Hanukkah is upon us. Tomorrow.

Thanksgiving was our big holiday this year so we can allow ourselves to slide by this most stressful time.

Snow as decorative motif is as much white as I need. On a bicycle no less.

Telegraph Lane behind Rick's has been freshly repaved, not surprising considering a city commissioner owns the bar. However the sidewalk looks like a third world dump. Civic pride Key West style.

Apparently the party at the Grand on Duval went late. They left the glasses out until morning.

Another dump located in the yard of a historic home, they say. Perhaps Key West has a surfeit of historic yards such that not all of them can be kept pristine.

Cheyenne did her best to keep Key West clean. The Dion's fried chicken bag never stood a chance.

"Good morning." He looked up bleary eyed at my dog. Young, idle and too cheap to find a place to sleep.

A friend remarked that part of Key West's charm is it's unkempt style. There you go.