Sunday, March 2, 2014

Keys Illustrated

Another Sunday, another selection of a few pictures from my Picasa files.
It's hard to know which pictures to select.
Sometimes, to my shame, I forget that the Keys are a vacation destination, so today I shall try to compensate.
Spring Break 2014 has begun and soon I shall be tired from long hours at work.
The simple joy of the Sunset Celebration... Mallory Square.
It's a winter Paradise, for the wandering homeless too.
Famous faces enjoy Key West. Movie stars and politicians and Merchant Chiefs stay at Sunset Key; good luck to them, avoiding the mess of real life. Frank Deford famous to me through NPR commentaries gave a great speech a few years ago.
Locals liked the Submarine Pens at Boca Chica. Closed by the Navy after someone screwed up and pissed off the protectors of our Freedom. The Navy closed the place to the public, but I have my pictures.
I know of Dean as the choirmaster most recently of the Keys Chorale. I loved their outdoor Winter concerts. He has another job speaking as the voice of Boulevard construction.
Nancy Forester's secret garden closed after an appeal for $160,000 fell flat. Key West's one percent looked away. The parrots are displayed on Elizabeth Street nowadays.
The old waterfront market. Soon to be a brew pub they say. At least it will still be a local business.
Pausing in the street to chat is easy in a warm climate. It happens a lot.
Me at Checkpoint Charlie, West Berlin, October 1981. Amazing what you come across perusing old picture files.
I got my degree at Florida Keys Community College in Marine Engineering. I am a terrible welder, it turns out, a much better sailor.
A concert at St Paul's on Duval. Winter is the season of culture in the Southernmost City.
But boating is always important.

Truly an Overseas Highway.
No riding gear required in Florida, not even a helmet for adults.
A minimum of attention on Highway One suffices for the careful. But the views distract.
That's all for now.