Saturday, April 20, 2019

Mangrove Walk With Dog

Combine this with a cool easterly breeze and you have a perfect walk to end a long work night.
 I still see people online apologizing for crappy phone photos. I left my big camera in the car and used my iPhone 8 for a change.
 I had fun mixing up the compositions and the filters. Apple gives the filters weird names too, like "Vivid Warm' which I find intriguing. Or  "Vivid Cool" for a change.

 A rising sun helps give some dramatic colors too.
 Next day on Summerland Key Rusty was on form exploring.
 I was still waving my iPhone about.
 We sat together for a while enjoying the day.

 And at the end of Niles Channel Road I got all artistic with the black and white filter. 

 I think we had some good walks.