Thursday, November 12, 2020

Black And White

I ask myself why black and white and I answer because some days I like it. I suppose you could tell me I am a curmudgeon and Webb the Sailor ( I wished him happy birthday yesterday)  has  said I am tipping into that category of recluse. So am I curmudgeon when  I rejoice in being grumpy and yet  take pictures in color? It is a conundrum.
Key West
I like black and white as a foil to the explosion of color that is Key West on a sunny day. I  like the textures of the trees, a change from the deep dark greens you see in color photos.
I wouldn't like to be stuck in a colorless world, all shades of gray, but from time to time the bright sunlight yields interesting shadows.
I find myself seeing things in black and white too, or I get an idea that what looks dull in color may yield an interesting look in black and white, The reverse is also true.
Nowadays one can take pictures in color and "desaturate" them to reduce them to black and white but I prefer to see the picture in my mind, flip the camera to black and white and see what I see. 
And I collect a few pictures that please me, memories of a different kind of an afternoon in Key West.
And post them here on my memory page.
A hot tin roof would not look the same, did not look the same in color. The magic of digital gave me the opportunity to switch to black and white and record this image. Striking in my opinion:
And then - confessional moment! - there is the time I spot something I want to record and the camera is in black and white instead of color! Grr! In this case the seaplane returning from the Dry Tortugas.