Thursday, March 1, 2018

Farmers Market Bayview Park

Walking across Bayview Park you can tell winter is the dry season around here. But don't despair the straw-like grass every Thursday is home to sales:
Some people come for the fruits and vegetables, the original reason these popular street markets sprang up across the US:
The strong wind interrupted my meditations as the tents sagged and collapsed for a moment. Many hands make light work and order was rapidly restored.
My mission was to buy Indian food for dinner. My wife is very fond of spicy grub so the chicken vindaloo I tried hit the mark. Naan and mango chutney and a couple of samosas and I had a big plastic bag for my Vespa to haul home.
 Nisha the Indian Lady's young assistant:
 Happily I had no room to load dust catchers on the scooter:

I bought quiche from the French guy and wished I could justify some Greek food but clearly I was at the outer limits of reasonable food shopping. Greek: next time. 

 I was glad to see dogs are welcome even though Rusty was at home sunbathing after his morning run.
On the way back to Virginia street with my loot I spotted two beach cruiser bicycles in a giant pick up truck which set me to pondering the value of  "no substitute for size" beliefs. A bicycle,a scooter, a car, necessary or not? I dunno. 
I rode home on my moped sized scooter.