Friday, March 22, 2019

The Saintly Brunch

My wife set it up with Wayne and Chuck and we dutifully turned up on Eaton Street at the appointed hour.  As will become apparent the brunch site at the Saint Hotel is close by the Tropic Cinema which was how my wife found out they offered brunch in the first place. A trip to the movies and the wide eyed shopper observes her options. 

So last Sunday she got her chance and we all went brunching together. The Saint Hotel is exotic:

Hemingway makes his mark everywhere in Key West, the rugged masculine writer:

I am a sucker for historical photographs:

And sausages and colcannon and a vegetable omelette:

The coffee was sweet enough it didn't need sugar or milk. A good sign for me:

St Patrick's Day merited  corned beef and cabbage which I like any day (and more colcannon):

Wayne Layne and Chuck:

There were the usual bits and bobs, salmon and fruit:

I'd have liked more sweets but the muffins had to do. Mass market sniffed on of our friends.

Possibly but they picked up the tab which was really sweet of them so I have no complaints. We lounged in lovely surroundings and I ate too many muffins and drank too much coffee.

No idea how much it cost but the views were excellent and dinner and lunch are available to non guests.

The pool is limited to hotel guests.

I was startled by the lighting in the loo; but I am a country bumpkin.

And there is the Tropic as we came out...

There is even - be still my beating heart - parking! With valets too. How un-Key West.

It was a gloomy drizzle filled day in the real world.

Already I missed the eccentric warmth of The Saint.