Saturday, December 7, 2019

Sunrise Signs

The sign above represents the culmination of efforts to preserve large trees in Old Town. Parking, homeless people and trees not in that order tend to incense local residents especially in winter months when the temporary residents make themselves heard and listened to as they fill the endless hours of free time at their disposal. Rather than cut down the tree warning signs are posted everywhere to keep tall trucks safe. So far, so good but many other trees around town are not so lucky.
I find it refreshing to find a realtor sign without an insipid self portrait of the agent involved. The notion that the inside is worth seeing leads one to the conclusion that the exterior is not up to much. Maybe so, and it is a modern building "in the Key West style," made so popular by the uniform homes of Truman Annex. 
When I noted the unusual electric skateboard on Instagram a friend in California made it clear to me these mono-skates have been a thing there since the dawn of time. A healthy reminder that I no longer live in a place where such symbols of modernity are highly sought after fashion statements. I never was on the cutting edge of anything when I lived in Santa Cruz and I'm sure I am not here either.
I saw a triffid on a porch and was instantly reminded my youthful pleasure in the story of death by stinging plant is an obsession not shared by many people anymore. Triffids were fearsome things in the imagination of my youth now replaced in the minds of other youth by zombies and video games.
A reflection in the window of Captain Tony's Saloon on Greene Street. Photographs of reflections are quite cutting edge YouTube tells me. I am modern sometimes.
The Pepto Bismol house in early morning sunshine. The photo says nothing but I liked the look of it so here it is. To see it yourself look west from the city parking lot on Simonton Street with your back to the fire station. Across Josephine Parker Way, named for a city clerk of long service, is the pink building sometimes shining like a beacon.