Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Middle Torch Key Walk

I think it's been five years since I last came out here. Cheyenne walked with me a couple of times and then found it boring. Rusty was totally into it. In fact a couple of times he pranced off into the bushes and didn't come when I called an whistled. We had a conversation about coming when called. More accurately I had a whiny monologue and he looked repentant. Blah blah blah.

It was a good evening to be alone with a dog in the wilderness.

Rusty trotted back and forth being busy, I paused and enjoyed the sound of the wind in my ears and the views across the mangroves.

I have missed these open dances but without a dog to drive me to it I don't get out here. So I was glad to see Rusty was so busy enjoying himself.
The last time I came here there was a trailer tipped on its side, abandoned and slowly decomposing. As you can see above it's all gone. Nice.
And the widespread dumping of assorted household and construction garbage has been cleaned. This place was practically paved with shards of glass.

Rusty got busy and disappeared for a few minutes.

Leaving me to play with the camera.





It was a good walk. He gulped a bowl of water back at the car and passed out once we got home after a full dinner.

The dog is back!