Sunday, September 30, 2018

In Bed

The rest of the world loves the weekend as it offers valuable time off. I am a creature of shift work so weekends may or may not be work free for me. Whether I work or not weekends are just days in the week.  Right now the weekend is a royal pain in the posterior principally because there is no physical therapy and I end up spending most of it in bed.  However there is some other therapy. 

With my family present I get to have all sorts of love and attention in addition to that offered by the superb nursing staff. My wife is my booster when away and my bearer when here. She knows I hate my feet being uncovered, she brings me fruit and the outside meals recommended by my Miami buddy Miguel who knows every out of the way eatery in the metropolis. Last night it was Italian from Alaine’s Osteria in Cutler Bay. Today lunch should be something odd from a hole in the wall. Then on Sunday afternoon Rusty and Layne go home and prepare for work. The sandwich Miguel brought me looked odd but it was mahi mahi with onions and melted cheese with grilled onions called a Florida Philly, a homage to the cheese steak sandwich from Philadelphia. 

All that aside - and the sandwich really does look terrible even though it tasted excellent- my wife helps me to do the basic functions which are such a huge part of life in this room as we have discovered. Anyone reading this know how to put a diaper on a grown man stuck stretched out in bed?  Nope she didn’t either till Ketty took her under her wing. Now she orders me to roll back and forth across the bed like a professional nurse’s aide and I comply like a human rolling pin. Here she was a few weeks ago - a lifetime- with the daytime Vampire as they called Marcus in ICU as he went around drawing blood samples and telling me stories of picking up women on his motorcycle. 

She was a bystander. Now she unfolds diapers like a pro! She also rounded up a couple of aides and got me into my wheelchair with the Hoyer Lift. 

And out to the courtyard went my family and I.  

My wife’s determination fulfilled her plan! 

I was just a passenger...

Rusty had shrubs to explore. 

It was a lovely shady breezy spot.  Even after three weeks indoors I am used to the late September heat in South Florida and I was comfortable and not even sweating. I started playing with my iPhone camera. I miss my big LUMIX camera but I can’t use it here where photography is rightly limited by privacy laws.

And this black and white headshot put me in mind of Zardoz the absurd Sean Connery science fiction flick. 

What do you think? Am I the flying head? 

And so back to the room and an outside dinner as recommended by Miguel. We ordered pick up from from Alaine’s Osteria just up the road. Sausage and meatball appetizer. 

Fettuccine Alfredo 

A full happy day in rehab.