Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Little Hamaca Pictures

I went for a walk in Little Hamaca Park and took some pictures. Rusty is absent because, much to his dismay he cannot come to work with me (normally). In his absence I air out the camera and relax from work for a few precious minutes.  
It was an opportunity to wander around and look at the way the sunlight falls on the rock and casts shadows. Simple stuff but relaxing. 
No one around except one guy lurking near the entrance to the trail staring at his phone. I walked around and breathed in the cool winter air.

I really like the way this camera. a Panasonic LX100 second version, renders shades and colors.

I leaned over the railings and admired my outline in the muddy water below.

I have written at length about gambusia trenches used to raise fish of that name to eat mosquito larvae, and here is one in the park itself. Cool no?

Shadows and light and I enjoyed my forty minutes of wandering. I hope you lied the result enough to think that perhaps you might want to visit this lovely little spot. On second thoughts don't bother,  as I'd like to keep it to myself. As you can tell there's nothing to see here...move along...