Sunday, August 5, 2018

Keys For Sale

I saw this banner flapping over Truman Avenue and  figured one has to shrug the message off. A flag advertising luxury island real estate...It's not as though there is anything close to this spot that isn't for sale at luxury prices no matter how shabby the building. Come on down and buy the Keys if you can find anything in your price range.
I was out walking the back country, where the land is pubic and preserved and undeveloped and not for sale.
 A car came by and to y surprise stopped alongside me. A woman leaned out of the open window.
Are you seeing anything? she asked. I then noticed the camera bag on her passenger seat and we spent a few minutes discussing the merits of wilderness walks to get away from the crowds. 
 I wasn't seeing much but there are still marks of the passage of Hurricane Irma the storm that left behind broken roofs, and empty store fronts and as it happens trees toppled over and killed.
 I figured I might as well make some  still life photographs.

 And finally some signs of life.