Monday, February 23, 2009

People Watching

I found myself downtown with thirty minutes to burn so I hiked off to Mallory Square to take some pictures:I have often pondered whether or not I could ever do a wordless essay, I'm guessing this is as close as I'll ever get:For those that don't know, sunsets are celebrated at Mallory Square each evening at the western limits of the southernmost city:
...and people gather to watch. The tradition was started by an ironically inclined Tennessee Williams and friends and it has evolved into an organized street fair.
These pictures ignore the performers and focus, in difficult lighting, on the people watching the acts:
...juggling, tight rope walkers, musicians and some of the acts must be amazing:
It was a cool evening:
...and the wind was blowing:...but this woman was talking loudly about how she was glad to be back in Florida after moving Up North for a spell, as she checked the jewelry on offer:
One day my beard will resemble this: Some people pretend to behappy even though they are clean shaven.
This woman reminded me of my buddy Giovanni's wife with that school teacher expression on her face of amused disapproval, like when Giovanni and I take off motorcycling:
On the subject of motorcycles, here's the Bonneville parked miles away on Tropical Street:Nothing to do with people watching but I like looking at it.