Sunday, December 24, 2017

Christmas Eve

Sunrise over the Old Bahia Honda Bridge:
I find myself holding down the fort at work with several people on leave, sick or retired. Thus I find myself unable to leave town so my wife has gone to see friends across the country leaving Rusty and I to loot the fridge and spend the hours not working as best we can together.We will manage:
The Christmas party of note this year was given by my wife's adult education students who laid on a spread of epic proportions. We had Venezuelan arepas and Hungarian pancakes, Vietnamese chicken so hot it burned and Cuban yuca and shredded pork, accompanied by rice from Mexico, Cuba, Vietnam and Colombia, each different. My wife contributed Jewish kugel from her mother's recipe. We had Nicaraguan natilla, a  rice pudding custard for dessert along with flan and some jam roll ups which were too good to put down. 
I find myself rotating between sleep and work these days facing the prospect of no days off before early January and as there is now some flu type bug floating around I wonder how many of us will fall sick too. I took a long summer break so I find it fitting I am sticking around to work nights when others value this time to be away. I am also enjoying this interlude of life under siege, measuring up to the challenge powering along with caffeine, waiting for things to get back to normal in the New Year.
New Year's Eve will be the culmination with the usual dropping events at midnight and one hopes crowds under control and a spirit of relief that the year 2017, one for the record books in so many difficult ways, is over. Soon Rusty and I mark two years together and despite all difficulties he is in the driveway at dawn waiting to greet me when I get home. His joy never grows old.
Happy Christmas.