Thursday, July 19, 2012

Summer Clouds

I saw clouds off in the distance and from my home I heard thunder and saw flashes of lightning.

I hustled Cheyenne int the car and headed off towards the stūrm und drang.

We parked on West Summerland Key and to my surprise we were not alone. A young family with two eager dogs was picnicking and their daughter took a shine to my dog, who remained unimpressed.

I watched a boater fight the currents and wind as he did something impenetrable with a pole.

Cheyenne watched two detached heads bobbing in the water.

I looked at the horizon and with I increasing disappointment I saw the storm getting blown to the west.

Towards my house ironically enough.

Big Pine got rained on nicely.

Schools are out which means quiet spots around the islands frequently get clogged with noisy colorful people.

I envied the cormorants sitting on their rocks in the middle of nowhere.

On the way home I caught up to the weather.

The rain and wind and thunder battered my little house as Cheyenne and I took cover after our little expedition.

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