Friday, September 11, 2020

The Sun Still Rises

I woke up late on my day off so walking Key West was out, too many people and too few masks for me to go to the city. So here we are in mangroves with a rising sun.  This summer our drive through the Great Lakes reason was a taste of other places and it was great. Back home where Rusty the dreary dog is happiest, I keep looking for the best mixture of light and dark. There just isn't the variation in small flat islands that there is among the mountains and deep dark forests.
Imagine Rusty running ahead and stopping to smell the mud, there is this summer a. steady breeze almost every day for which I am grateful, but aside form the wind blowing over my ears there isn't a sound. Commercial boats are sleeping, commuters are a few miles away pounding down Highway One, and even the birds are resting out of the sky for the most part. The heat is there, waiting for the sun to appear to ramp it up. 
Meanwhile the recent rains and high tides have left behind some puddles. Which suggests reflective photography to me. Ooh yes, variations on a mangrove walk...clouds underfoot no less. A busy Rusty trotting past my face nearly made me lose the decisive moment, and as it was I clipped his head, in an artistic way I assure you.
I watch him wander away and plunk himself down in the tannic mangrove water and I confess I envy him. I addle gently in the hot salty water in my Crocs but he goes for total immersion to relieve the heat. 
As you can see the sun has barely risen so the heat is about to hit the two of us waiting to turn round and start the trek back to the car.
By the time we get back to the car invariably my short is soaked and Rusty is ready for a big bowl of clean water. It's just the way it is this time of year. You walk, you think, you remember where you were.