Thursday, October 4, 2018

Small Town Living

Yesterday saw me in another van traveling to the doctors office for a critical set of x rays to determine how much healing has taken place and whether or not I can stand at all on my legs.  It was a day of self centered anxiety seeing me unable to concentrate and nervously chasing Facebook and Adventure Rider my preferred motorcycle forum (!). Thank God for the mindless nonsense of short entries on Facebook in my current state of isolation! I decided to write a thank you note to the life savers at Trauma Star. I got 200 likes in 12 hours which blew me away and makes me glad our air ambulance is  so popular. 

The other thing that blew me away was how many people had participated in some way.  Two people were at Square Grouper and saw the wreck and checked in. One woman about whom I remembered nothing actually did hold my hand and talk to me. 

Nikki also told me she was surprised when I started laughing saying I figured I’d really have to call out sick that night.  I don’t think you’re expected to crack a funny in extremis. I have no memory. Weird. But in the big picture this is less about me and more about the community in which I live. Can you immagine so much outpouring of decency for a complete stranger?  I really do feel blessed to live in the Keys.  This incident has brought that home most vividly.

By two o’clock I was on my way to Doctor Quinnans office.  They took x rays only after the office strong man picked me up under my armpits and raised me vertically out of my chair and plonked me on the x ray table. Utterly astonishing when it is done as easily as you or I putting grocery bags on the counter. Dr Quinnan studied the before and after pictures.

I know nothing about surgery except I do know that man is a bloody genius. He said my wounds were bad. I was split open like a chicken and where my pelvis was supposed to join there was a two inch gap as my legs cartwheeling pulled the two sides apart. Check out the ironmongery inside me knitting me together: 

That pin at the top limits the amount of weight I can bear on my wholly uninjured left leg - irony!  My injured right is supported by numerous pins and screws and plates and can thus support weight as tolerated by me. Excellent! We have reason now for the insurance company to let me stay to continue and expand my excellent physical therapy. That discussion happens today so expect tomorrow to hear about that in excruciatingly boring detail. I apologize for all this stuff about me but unfortunately this is my life at the moment. 

I am looking forward to the next phase hopefully still in this first rate rehab in Cutler Bay. I hope you will stick along for the ride even though this isn’t Key West content. I shall be happy to get back to that whenever I can believe me. I am more grateful than you know for your words of support and general kindness. 
In regards to my wife Layne she is a private person and prefers not to be grist for my mill here but she knows I love and appreciate her kindness to me in this time. It may be worth noting over the 24 years of marriage arthritis has put her in the hospital numerous times so at the moment our rĂ´les are reversed. Plus yesterday the passenger window in the the car stopped cooperating. The Ford dealer couldn’t help but they inspected the window and gave Layne the part numbers required to get it to go up and down again. She passed them on to Oily’s on Stock Island and the window motor should be fixed by Friday. How about that? No husband necessary!

Onward and upward!