Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Café

Uncharacteristically we went out to dinner, not lunch and we settled on the Café, an almost vegetarian restaurant on Southard Street just off Duval. They hang lots of artwork on the walls and as we were early we had time to look around and enjoy the view.. Outside, the view isn't much as one looks across at Key Lime Square under the arch, and Bank of America behind the plate glass window to the left. The interior of the Café is a snug and welcoming place. We sank two rather decent bottles of Chardonnay with dinner,...though beer by the bottle and on tap is tempting.
Phillip and Van were getting ready to leave town and visit Provincetown in Massachusetts where they have a summer home for rent.We were seated in the annex which according to our rather stiff waitress has been open for a couple of years but I never noticed it. My wife had one the remarkably high piled vegetarian burgers with sweet potato fries. The ambient light was low, the Chardonnay was strong so the pictures were rather more artistic than I usually like.
Whoa! Where did my plate of barbecued tofu and roast potatoes go?
I was amusing myself with the camera but Van was busy with the dish we all think is hands down the best, the Café's Udon noodle bowl.We also made short work of their superb appetizer which consists of truffled French fried potatoes. Banana bread pudding and a slice of chocolate cake for dessert and lots of conversation.We made dreadful pigs of ourselves but we did drag dinner out for a good long time. Sushi is a much admired drag queen in town. I am thinking of charging say, $4.75 for my pictures. One needs to keep a sense of perspective.
Our bill was not nearly as expensive as the artwork so we waddled out into the night, said good bye while reflecting that the Café is always a great place to eat even if you are only an almost vegetarian.