Friday, July 9, 2010

Edgefield South Carolina

The thing is, when you come across a statement like this you feel compelled to slow your headlong return to Key West and take a turn around the town square.It is a pretty little town along the Highway, all trees and brick and bright blue skies:It's on the way from here to there: It has some obsession with turkey.They say this is the capital of wild turkey and if you want to hunt these birds this is the place to be. The turkey shoppe sells turkey killing accessories. I hunted turkey in my own way. You can't turn around for turkey in Edgefield.
Isn't this the archetype of southern living, an era of solid construction in classical style.
A large prosperous main square.
A sense of history permeates these towns.
A touch of the modern invading the old.
Back on the highway nasty, brutish, neon reality takes back the view.It was a good vacation, ending with a great cross country ride, dog walks in Georgia's pine forests and southern meals and sunsets.Before the next full moon we three had a date in California.Cheyenne was blissfully ignorant but she had the prospect of another three weeks riding around the United States in the car. I hope she doesn't like the foggy cool California coast too much. The Keys will be as hot as ever when we get back at the end of July.