Sunday, August 18, 2013

Key West Style

 I don't think I could live with outdoor curtains like these:
As pretty as they may be, in my world they would just end up a dusty dirty mess. Hurricane shutters I can and do live with. I have shutters like these on my bedroom and I have much improved my daytime sleep patterns since I stuck them up. My wife hates them but they really are a helop to a night worker.

It never ceases to amaze me how many unused empty lots of land and decaying houses there are in Key West. This is a town of limited land mass with a highly desirable climate (unless you need leaf changing seasons) and houses are expensive to rent or own. And yet...
Often I suspect family disputes, inheritances and the like are responsible for the odd and frequently charming, collapsing homes.
Then there are the well preserved and jealously occupied homes. This one nicely complemented by a neatly parked scooter, safe behind a jagged fence:
This one nattily attired in matching Italian vases, with a properly personalized sign out front.
Whereas this next sign is nothing more than a cheap and curling plastic sign purchased en masse from local hardware stores. Very gauche, I'm sure.

If Cheyenne gives the impression she has suddenly become a critic of local architecture that would be a mistake. It was hot, she was pausing in her walk and I snapped a picture. Mind you I liked the house and privacy fence and the big old lumps of rock scattered around to keep the front of the house vehicle-free.