Monday, September 7, 2020

Streets Before Dawn

I liked the strange swirls of the street cleaners shown here at Southard on Duval Street.
You know this on, below, is Southard looking east as you can see the cell phone tower which sits across the street from the AT&T telephone exchange.
This is Duval looking south, the giveaway is the colorful Strand Theater marquee now advertising Walgreens. 
Simonton Street was getting torn up for some drainage job. A great long stretch of Simonton is now beautifully paved and smoothed. I am told some other stand out streets in Key West are soon to lose their lumpy character. A smooth easy to drive Bertha Street anyone? Yay!
This is Southard Street looking east up the one way at the bright lights in the distance of Peary Court.
I can't remember for the life of me if this is William or Margaret. I'm inclined to think it's Margaret as I think I can see Mangia Mangia the Italian eatery with the upstairs white balcony on the left.  Just another Key West street at five in the morning... 85 degrees and sticky. No relief expected till November and now we have a couple of depressions in The Atlantic. Fun fun fun.