Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Bicycles And Awnings

The thing about walking the streets of Key West is that you just start seeing stuff. I don't necessarily mean in a hallucinogenic sort of way. certainly not as I was on my lunch break in this instance...It's just that wandering around people do things, beauty appears in the most unlikely places and sometimes you put them all together. I started out thinking a  black and white reflection might be fun.
 And then I realized the Italian restaurant (open only for dinner) has a rather attractive color scheme.
I was standing in the bank drive through across the street preparing to walk down Simonton Street to the left to check the waves on a windy afternoon. And then I found myself wondering why I had never noticed the colorful building before. 
 This guy on the scooter didn't notice it. I have no idea how you ride and read your phone at the same time. An award for daring? Bravery? Stupidity? All Three?
 It was a lovely afternoon, perfect for a bike ride refreshed by a cool breeze.
I caught sight of a tandem bicycle and for a second there I understood the pleasure of being in the back, looking around and enjoying the relaxation of not having to think about getting where you are going:
This bicycle got in my way actually as I tried to capture the pleasure of an afternoon in the sun but I thought his laid back tropical style deserved a note. No snowbanks around here!
Winter is coming, but you wouldn't know it!