Wednesday, June 14, 2017

The Electric Life

There are a ton of these bright green buzz bombs beetling around town these days. Zapp they are called and that's what they are doing, offering competition to traditional gas powered scooters.
Apparently you can buy these machines too and own them for yourself. Like this white one showing no signs of being a rental:
 A very modern digital instrument cluster:
 Top quality electrical components:
I find it encouraging that electric motors and batteries are slowly coming of age. Zero Motorcycles builds machines I could use to commute if I had longer legs and wanted to spend $16,000 for a machine with a hundred mile range. For urban use these scooters seem ideal:
 A cable snaking out of the apartment is all it takes. Brilliant!
Tesla is also making electric cars viable while encouraging the construction of the charging infrastructure.  Rider magazine organized a tour of California using n electric Zero motorcycle over several days. So we are getting that much closer to making electric vehicles viable as all rounders. I've heard it said there may soon be batteries that fast charge making refueling almost like pumping a tank full of gas. That will be an interesting change.
I grew up with internal combustion and I like it. I see the rounded shapes and smooth compound curves of a scooter and I like what I see. Yes I now they need gas and oil and so forth but they deliver so much and with so little effort. I am glad I grew up in the era of gasoline. 
 And for some what the factory sells isn't enough and suddenly a vehicle is a form of self expression.
We will all adapt I am sure and welcome electric motors into our lives. The sooner the better probably.