Thursday, December 13, 2018

South Shore

I looked south toward Cuba and saw this and I liked it.
 Then I saw what looked like the landing craft they use to ferry stuff to Sunset Key.
 I saw it pull out of Stock Island so I assumed with no hard facts it had been in a yard to be serviced.
 Winter is upon us and all such harbor traffic will get a work out for the next few months.
 It looks pretty spiffy. Maybe I am right, all tuned up and ready to go.
 It looks pretty glorious doesn't it in the cool north breezes blowing...
 I played around with the filters a bit, but the camera offers more than I can handle in one day,
  And in the end I like natural shades most of the time:
 And overhead the Navy fliers from Boca Chica were buzzing around doing their winter training.  
What a busy afternoon it was. And sunny.
Back from Miami where the surgeon told me 
I can put full weight on both legs. 
I’m not sure how this will work in daily life 
But it seems I’ll be walking without dragging, 
Building up my leg strength 
Getting back to normal walking, one step at a time.