Saturday, June 27, 2015

Cruising Toward Darkness

That was fun while it lasted, now the solstice is over and the sun is resuming its  decline toward the equator and beyond. So the days are going to get shorter. And here's the thing, the closer you get to the equator the less difference between night and day you get. Keeping this line of thought north of the equator the further north you go the more extreme the day and night difference becomes as the season change. Around here the biggest difference comes with the time change so from now until November 1st we will hold the line with lighter evenings. But after Fantasy Fest I'll be going home in the dark once again.
I'm not sure why I stopped yesterday morning on my way home but the sky was looking the right shade of blue, I had a marked police car in front of me so spirited riding in a 45 mph zone was not on the cards so I stopped and let the line of cars tail off into the dawn like school children trotting off to the play ground. 
 there are people who try to measure our lives by numbers, and they tell us there are 42  bridges between Key West and Florida City but what is this, though not a bridge? With water lapping either side of the Overseas Highway it is I suppose, a causeway but it feels like a bridge.
I ride with my helmet open much of the time, I had a tall windshield shipped from Parabellum to replace my very old one that developed a fatal crack owing to my inattention. The result is I can crouch slightly and keep my windshield open. It is getting that warm.
I like commuting on two wheels I'm surprised I don't see more people doing it in this climate. After all these years I still enjoy the ride. I think back to commuting in California and I think I was like most people, when I figured out the best route, based on whatever criteria mattered, I stuck to it. Rarely would I deviate or make the ride an adventure. Having only one road seems less of a disadvantage looked at that way.
My commute is easy, no cross traffic to speak of, no traffic lights or animals, no pedestrians few cyclists in the roadway, long sight lines, predictable road surface and absurdly slow speed limits for one paying attention.
 And I like the view from the road.