Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Vespa Gone

I pocketed thirty four hundred dollars this morning for my Vespa GTS and now she is gone to Bob, a snowbird from Kansas. I know it is supposed to make one feel better when one's cherished motorcycle goes to an enthusiastic new owner, and perhaps it helps but I am sad to see her go. Bob lost a two stroke Vespa P125 to Hurricane Wilma and he was pining for a replacement. He's lucky Vespas command no market down here("Huh? I could get a Harley for that!") but with that cash my Bonneville is paid for. And my wife has promised that she'll let me ride her Vespa ET4 from time to time to ease the bitter loss.


Heinz N Frenchie said...

Man did he get a good deal. Sorry you had to sell it so low, but at least the new owner is happy and you've got your Bonneville clean and clear. We thought about it but we have only had the LX150s since October so it is a bit early to jump. We also wonder if the heavier weight would be more difficult for us to handle. Remember we are newbies. So Congratulations are in order.

Conchscooter said...

Its hard for me to say, because I've been riding a long time. My wife is happy with her ET4 and didn't want the 250. The GTS is a lot more than just 100cc's, and in retrospect I'm no great fan of all the extra complexity of water cooling and fuel injection electronics etc... You'll know when you are ready to move "up" (if "up" it is).

Steve Williams said...

Sorry for your loss. It was a beautiful scooter. I'm sure you'll be able to lose yourself in the arms of Bonne...

I made the move from LX150 to GTS not so long ago-- a little over a year ago now. the first day or so the GTS definitely felt big and bulky. But then it turned into the LX150. No difference. I suppose it is this process that allows people to move all the way up to a Goldwing!

I knew I was ready to move up when I destroyed the LX150.

Steve Williams
Scooter in the Sticks