Saturday, January 15, 2011

Nighttime Stock Island

I took an early break around eleven the other night and wide awake as I was it seemed a ride out to Stock Island was the thing to do.Carol mentioned this was the bar and marina that was depicted in the movie 92 In The Shade. I think it looks better with a Bonneville in front. Stock Island looks dark and full of possibilities, none of which materialized in point of fact.I liked the look of this strange house, boarded up and presenting a blank face to the world. Bernstein Park is the heart of Stock Island recreational possibilities, apparently funded by the family best known for owning Wisteria ("Christmas Tree") Island struggling to develop that island to the max.And in the cool night breeze we could see that our flags were still there. I believe Florida has seen the flags of seven nations flying and now we use the red flag of St Andrew to represent the state that hires a crooked businessman for governor. Oops! I love the name of this street, a reference to Key West's pink gold.
There were large redevelopment plans for this tatty street. Nothing much so far and long may it stay this way. One good result of a messed up economy. Hogfish was open and operating at 11:30 pm. I stopped and went after a picture, not quite the moment for a drink was it...
My favorite eatery of all, and we will return here later for a final breakfast with the super Therese, a Frenchwoman from Alabama once upon a time.
This is the heart of downtown Stock Island, a store and a gathering place.
Headed back to highway one this was the view at the light with a wobbly hand.
This was the rather more prosaic picture I was trying to get.
Twenty four hour gas.
On my way back to the office I stopped at Smathers Beach for a look and a smell of the night sea air. It was lovely and fresh and full of energy:
After my shift was over I had a date to eat breakfast back at El Mocho with my wife and Therese who was picking up a rental car to drive to Miami Airport for her flight home to Paris.The recycle store on Stock Island was worth a stop especially as I was ahead of schedule by a few minutes. And then breakfast, bacon eggs and con leche- $18 for three.
A good way to end a twelve hour shift.


Rob said...

I used to live on Shrimp Rd above one of the fish houses down there. It was meager living with five of us in one room with a communal bathroom downstairs that we shared with the live-aboards.

I got my first tattoo, or my first permanent mistake, at Paradise Tattoo when they occupied Recycle's current location. I dig that bicycle sculpture.

Mickie said...

I love Smathers and Higgs in the middle of the night. I'm a bit of an insomniac so I ten to head off scootering in the wee hours, even on vacation.

Jack Riepe said...

Dear Conchscooter:

The nighttime shots of Stock Island greatly benefit from the presence of your Bonneville. Your bike lends dignity and style to every frame. Yet it seems to me that Stock Island seems to have more of the "Old Key West" than other more notable neighborhoods there.

Is it just me, or does the flag of St. Andrew suggest someone is diving there?

What kind of lamp do you have in your headlight? I can't help but notice that the light is pure white, and there is a lot of it. I also like the white dash lights. Mine or orange/red.

The price of gas is certainly high enough in the Keys. My rig takes only "high test," and it would cost me $18.20 to fill my tank in your neighborhood.

Which brings me to the cost of breakfast. When you said, "$18 for three," I thought you meant three eggs.

Well it was great just kicking back and chatting with you. If we were neighbors, we could put a big pot of iguana soup on the stove, and watch calculate the value of each key lime on the tree out front.

Fondest regards,
Jack • reep • Toad
Twisted Roads

Conchscooter said...

Dear Rob, I am sure the neighborhood fell off the charts when you left. Time to move back and make trouble.
Dear Mickie- key west at night is best. I love riding around on my lunch breaks.
Dear Jack. your bmw would eclipse everything else in the photos it is so magnificent. Give my regards to Fireballs in the hope one day you will ride again. ha ha.
Layne's birthday was today and she wants you to send her a happy birthday.