Saturday, May 28, 2011

Kim's Kuban

Walking into the sandwich shop on North Roosevelt Boulevard is more a matter of walking into a conversation than into a restaurant. Yes, they will take your order promptly and get to working making the café con leche and the bacon egg and cheese sandwich, but the conversation flows on smoothly though the work.It is my regret, and to the benefit of my waistline, that I work nights and rarely get out to eat a bought breakfast but when I do I like Kim's Kuban for a breakfast sandwich. Corey made my coffee never dropping the sports talk ball while he did. The Miami Heat had a notable win the night before and he laughed that anyone who came in "half asleep" had been up late watching the game. Me? I read the paper and gloat over my crusty bread, and hot egg filling. I know that most visitors to Key West prefer 5 Brothers on Southard or Sandy's on White and there is nothing at all wrong with their sandwiches but for some reason Kim's has always got my top vote.Perhaps it's just snobbery because you have to know it's there to find it on the Boulevard next to the Yamaha Motorcycle shop. All I can do now is wait till heaven knows when the next time will be that I am in town early enough for breakfast with an excuse to go and eat a million calorie sandwich like no other.


Greg P. said...

Give Ana's on Simonton Street (at the intersection of South Street, if I recall correctly) a try some time. Good people, good food, good price.

Greg P. In WV, wanting a FedEx box from Ana's on my doorstep tomorrow, please

Conchscooter said...

Ana's is overpriced for tourists in my opinion.