Wednesday, May 25, 2011

No Name Seascapes

The sky was totally weird Monday, gray thick and overcast. This is a picture of the sun not the moon. My wife announced she was bagging going swimming as the ocean was going to cold after a day of total overcast shadow.Colors were flat and so was the ocean even the relatively deep waters of Spanish Channel north of Bahia Honda. These waters are forty feet deep in places, I've sailed them, and that's deep for the Keys, but there was no wave action at all to speak of.Everything was gray and flat.
This sort of weather gives me sinusitis, a dull headache between my eyes and I associate that with foggy summer days in Northern California or any old day in Seattle. To be socked in with clouds in the Keys is a crime.It was hot and muggy and felt like rain though rain never materialized in the Lower Keys. It only lasted a day, all foul weather is short lived around here happily, but while it was looming overhead it was still 90 degrees here on earth and Cheyenne was panting.One gets horribly spoiled living at 24 degrees North latitude. One comes to expect sunshine every day, bright colors and warm waters. One stamps one's foot like a child when one does not get it. The tantrum will pass.

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