Monday, June 6, 2011

Not Riding Through Town

I heard from Jiri at JK Motorsports on Stock Island. My brake calipers on the Bonneville are corroded and the pistons and internal gubbins need to be replaced, a problem not previously anticipated so more parts are on order from Triumph USA who are luckily quite responsive. One sort of needs decent brakes on a motorcycle so my wife is okay with the expense and I am okay with waiting a little while longer for my bike but I do miss riding the thing. I watch others with envy when I am not sneaking off with my wife's Vespa. Tourists on White Street even made me envious:They were enjoying life on two wheels and so they should. Driving a car is fundamentally boring which is why so many people drive distracted. Riding puts you in the middle of it all. God only knows what they all found so fascinating about the Harvey Government Center. I am one of the few people who thinks the Honda Ruckus (and it's Chinese knock offs) are a silly scooter design. All the advantages of weather protection, stylish bodywork and storage space are lost to a trellis frame with all the ugly bits of motor and transmission on open display. This one has a milk crate and a not waterproof ice chest for luggage which adds to the general ugliness. I like luggage that either looks stylish or that works sensibly: ie is waterproof. I think I am getting grumpy from lack of Bonneville in my life. Oh well.These people looked happy on their Chinese 150 with trim matching top box on the back. Bastards. I was stuck in the car.Even this guy hauling the kitchen sink under pedal power looked like he was enjoying the ride past the dive shop across from the police station.This next picture is for John in Dallas who sent me a very nice letter with a picture of his amazingly tarted up Harley which must be hell on wheels to ride. I'd be terrified of dropping the fantastic paint job, as I have a habit of dropping my bike. I cannot show it to you here except in this rather crappy format by means of using my camera to take the pictures off the e-mail.
And his cheerful dogs killing each other for sport: I was put in mind of his letter by this guy riding past the Police station looking like he was enjoying himself on his bike, damn his eyes:Mary from New Hampshire (or Hollywood) sent no pictures but I would venture a bet that New England is no bad place to be right now if I had my bike. Mind you I've heard they have killer tornadoes up there so it's probably safer to stay in the Keys for hurricane season...Even youngsters got in on the act of making me miss my motorcycle as they rode directly past the Police station. I know I need brakes that work but really this is torture.


Chuck and the Pheebs said...

You may borrow the Harley - it's the last in the storage queue in my front yard. Bulletproof - and the brakes were re-done last year.

Methinks you'd enjoy a ride on a true utilitarian bike.

Ever the excrement agitator,


Conchscooter said...

You are very kind but I will stick to the Vespa and the Fusion.

Len said...


Does the offer to ride the Harley extend to fans of this bolg or just to the author? I'd be happy to keep it company while you are away:)!