Saturday, June 11, 2011

Of Dogs And People

I actually felt a rain sprinkle Thursday and turned my face up to the sky which action promptly turned the divine spigot off. So much for that. I keep seeing black clouds form and sparse and two days of muggy overcast produced nothing much, one wonders what a desert would look like down here.Perhaps a plague of locusts is next? I notice other people's dogs sticking their heads out of the windows of cars.Mine rarely does that, sometimes she sits up and stares out until I notice and open the window for her, but it takes very little to assuage her curiosity and she returns to her favorite place:Garythetourist mentioned that I give my dog more freedom than most people do. Most people, I replied are control freaks when it comes to their dogs. I figure when my dog is out walking it's her time and she gets to do what she wants, which mostly ends up being rooting around looking for smelly things to eat. When she's not out walking she's pretty relaxed. This next picture reminds me of an old Key West joke."What do you call the guy in the suit?" - "Defendant." I'm guessing this guy is a lawyer, though when my wife worked in juvenile probation and had to appear in court on a Sunday morning she was surprised to see how dressed down everyone was. They'd never get away with that in California, the former public defender groused at me. Wearing a suit and tie in Key West seems excessively silly in any event, speaking as one who refused to wear a tie to his own wedding.

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