Sunday, June 19, 2011

Past And Present

I saw the pink frangipani bouncing off the pink accents on the house and thought to myself there's a picture. I like my pink Crocs but pink houses?I never get past the simplicity and beauty of the views in Key West's streets. It is a source of wonder to me how this place has survived in a world dedicated to tearing down the old and replacing it with what we see across much of the rest of the land.

I was impressed by this resident's dedication to street clean up, a dustpan and brush, a bent back, and a clean porch as a result. All in 90 degrees, and I'm pretty sure the owner of the back was alive when Pearl Harbor was bombed. I hope I'm that spry.

You wouldn't know there was a drought judging by how things grow.

These homes were here in the Great Depression of the 1930s and back then times were well and truly tough. It doesn't seem as though we have yet reached the nadir of our own economic troubles and I wonder if we have the resilience of the generations that went before. I expect we do when we are put to the test, because what else is there to do?Key West was a poor place in those days but it was a self reliant town, and living with rain water and fish was no great hardship considering what had come before. These days we rely on the Internet, piped water and elaborate shopping expeditions to make our ease. Key West looks much the same as it ever did but we don't. Looking at the increase in food prices, growing commodity scarcities and wobbly world economies a friend remarked how we live in "interesting times." I am not as enthusiastic as he is but I shall endeavor to be as the houses are, survivors. History must be our guide in these uncertain times. Happy Father's Day!

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Garythetourist said...

"I saw the pink frangipani..."
Wow, you just identified a plant. I do believe the Conchscooter is moving forward. Look out world.