Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Awful Leaning Tower

Let's face it, you can't bring your wife to Italy to see the country properly and not stop when passing by the leaning tower without taking a moment to see the damned thing. So we did.

To get to the Campo dei Miracoli one has to navigate a field of extra-community touts, desperate Africans of one sort or another selling cheap rolexes and the like. That was bad enough,

But the Tower itself was as always insignificant except for it's lean which they say is stabilized. Lucky for the visitors at the top.

We did not by a ticket. We stopped we looked...

...and we left.

Pisa has only the tower as it's claim to fame, an industrial town with a useful little airport and nothing else. But they don't make much of their heritage landmark. You can drive by the walls of the Miracle Field and not know it's there. Parking? Ask and hope for the best.
Pisa? Been there, done that and had an espresso in a tourist bar with filthy table cloths and Indian waiters. Italy is in such an economic crisis Italians won't even take table waiting jobs at the premier local tourist attraction.

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SonjaM said...

Ha, I did exactly the same thing with the Pisa tower: I came, I saw, I left just to say: been there, done that! My impression overrated, overpriced (the food and drinks), and lousy service. And that was in the 90's when Italians were still serving tables. Some things don't change.