Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Great Italian Weight Loss Program

NB: I have been away from wif-fi access for some considerable time and this essay among others has been waiting impatiently in storage in my iPad's excellent Blog Press program... I am fully recovered and riding as much as I can.

The's nothing quite so humbling as having a motorcycle at your disposal, lots of mountain roads to ride...

...and then being too sick to crawl out of bed. Great vacation! First it was my wife who came down with what appeared to be food poisoning in Rome- food poisoning in Italy?- while I felt fine. Then we got to Terni and I promptly came down with a serious case of explosive discharges that have left me feeling weak and nauseated.

As I was getting sick I borrowed giovannis. Car to take Layne to visit her college friend in Tuscany, Therese flew from Paris to Pisa for the weekend and I ended up driving them across Tuscany for a quick tour of mountain towns, Volterra above, Tuscan fields below just like you see it in the movies.

By the time I got back to Terni I was not well but I had the motorcycle and I had a date with my sister for lunch at her mountain home and off I went bound and determined to make it through the day. Besides I really wanted to try out the R1200ST I have for the next two weeks...

Off I went feeling no better such that by the time I got to my sister's house I was exhausted and could do no more than lay on the couch and nap. Giovanni cam up to rescue me and take me back to the big city. I rode with his wife in her car, like the invalid I was while he had the pleasure of riding the BMW home. I was jealous but all I could do was take pictures.

My wife came home from. Siena by train, I am filled with antibiotics, anticipating a return to health but at last I have found an Internet connection so I have all the tools for recovery. The weight loss I hope will be temporary.

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Chuck and the Pheebs said...

being sick sucks - especially when you've planned a Big Event as touring Italy by M/C, even if it's an appliance of a bike.

Condolences - get well!

Ride like the wind!

SonjaM said...

You couldn't find a better time to get sick? Poor lad, hope you feel better soon, and can enjoy the rest of your sojourn.