Friday, July 29, 2011

Libero Liberati

I was born in 1957 the same year Libero Liberati won the world title in the 500cc class. There is a monument in his memory, in a park above the Marmore Falls near Terni.

In 1957 Liberati won the 500cc, the prestige class on a Gilera four cylinder with the huge dustbin fairings. He also came second in 350cc class, after a decade of struggle and several much lower rankings with Gilera and Moto Guzzi rides. He was born in 1926 and died in 1962 in a street wreck.

He is remembered in his hometown where the local motorcycle club is named in his honor, but as far as the rest of the world is concerned he is just Liberati...who? Sic Transit Gloria Mundi.

"To Libero Liberati, motorcycling world champion, who brought to the attention and admiration of the sportsmen of the world his passion, fire and class, and thus prestige to the name of Terni and Italy, with thanks for the honor, his fellow citizens of Marmore."

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Chuck and the Pheebs said...

Forza Liberati y Gilera!

The rest of il mundo credits Soichiro Honda with the 4 cylinder transverse bike - but we know better. He watched Libero in '57 and chose to focus his energies for the next ten years replicating that bike - the result was the now -iconic Honda 750.

We have Libero and Terni to thank for the universal motorcycle configuration.