Saturday, July 30, 2011


At a thousand feet above sea level and eight miles from the landlocked city of Terni there is a puddle of water nestled between the mountains.

I enjoy visiting Piediluco when I am in the area not least because I miss the open expanses of water I am used to at home, when I am in land locked Umbria.

The village is nothing special, just a collection of houses lining the main drag that runs along the lake shore. Of course in the context of Italian mountain towns "nothing special" includes a twelfth century castle and the news that Saint Francis of Assisi is reported to have passed this way around the same time.

At the turn of the century Piediluco looked like this. The town has taken to hanging assorted poster-sized reproductions of historical pictures in public places, a practice I found fascinating.

The reason to visit Piediluco is the waterfront walkway, a serene and peaceful place to reflect.

Unless you know to look for this path you'd hardly know it was there.

The lake is apparently fished out and winds don't blow regularly on this expanse so the main water sport is rowing.

There is a rowing club on the shore opposite the village. As far as I can recall it's as much a social club as a place to go rowing.

And like so many bodies of water it has it's requirement for human intervention to keep the waters palatable. This is the aquatic version of weed whacking.

Piediluco has classical music festivals and stuff to encourage tourism.

For my wife and I a serene cappuccino was all we needed to enjoy the lake.

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Chuck and the Pheebs said...

My favorite lake is Lago d' Orta, about 6 hours north of your lake, and but a few Km from the Swiss border. There's a restaurant at water's edge on the east side of which serves a magnificent trote spaccate direct from the lake.

There's a convent on a small isola; one looks at it and thinks fanciful thoughts whilst sipping table wine and eating the freshest of the fresh trout.

Oh, man...Please let me know when you're going back - perhaps I may join you for a few days!