Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Vespa Museum Pollenza

I have stood next to the 2711th Vespa ever built, one of the original series of 98cc Vespas built right after World War Two. Cool, huh?

How Giovanni's wife Rossana ever heard about thisplace, fa off the beaten track I have no idea, but she got us here in the middle of the region known as Le Marche, not far from the provincial capital of Le Marche. Te museum was open to then public and free, overseen by a young girl who had never even ridden a Vespa...

The were more Vespas and more Vespa "stuff" than I can possibly comment on. If you love Vespas as I do the pictures speak for themselves.

My first motorcycle in 1970 was a Vespa 50R like this one below which my mother bought me (she loved motorcycles!) when I was twelve. Mine was orange and had a double seat and no spare wheel. I rode it everywhere across the mountains even though I was two years younger than was legal. Hence my love of Vespas.

Sprint 90 SS:

This fascinating collection was pulled together by one Marco Romiti a native of Pollenza, who it turns out still lives there. I know because we met him on the street after our stupendous visit.

There on the street we spoke of nostalgia and Piaggio's astonishing inability to take advantage of the tremendous well of good will, world wide, for Vespas old and new.

He told us Piaggio showed no interest at all in his fabulous collection and he is forced to keep it off the beaten path because no Piaggio affiliated organization will give it the audience it deserves. Italy snatching defeat as usual from the jaws of victory.


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