Saturday, August 13, 2011

Duval Landmarks

My favorite time of day on Duval is early in the morning. Not even necessarily that early, but at a time of day when most people are still nursing hang overs and the sun still casts an interesting shadow he and there. The San Carlos, formerly the Cuban Consulate, still claimed by the Cuban government as their turf, but these days cherished by Cuban emigre├ęs as their cultural center.

I found these delightful billets-doux stapled at eye level on a post supporting the outdoor seating area at Willie T's bar. Part of me does wonder if we can encourage a better class of visitor to Key West. To do that we need a better class of bar I guess.

Moving hastily along we see the pleasantly elderly Appelrouth building across the street.

I saw a chick magnet t-shirt among the dreck for sale on Duval and wondered if Cheyenne would wear it for me.

At a time when retail is failing all over the country, Fast Buck Freddie's is doing fine. I wrote about Half Buck's on Caroline Street losing their lease but my wife tells me they are actively looking for a new location. Half Buck's sells stuff they didn't sell in the main store and is the delight of bargain shoppers like my wife.

If Fast Buck's. Doesn't hack it for you, maybe a hookah, a water pipe, might work. there's a store up Duval Street that has a nice line in Gothic nastiness.

I thought switchblades are illegal but apparently not. I'm told the legality is based on the length of the blade though as I'm not a cop I have no need to know these things. Personal protection at bargain basement prices, though I'm not completely certain that if push came to shove I could slice someone up with one of these nasty looking things. I'd rather just give them a severe talking to.

Bob in Montana says there is a wall devoted to pictures of customers' dogs on the wall at Margaritaville. I have no reason to believe he's lying so I guess this place just went up in m estimation.

I am pretty sure The Porch, not yet a landmark on Duval though it should be, is my kind of establishment. And ere are no dollar bills with nasty messages attached to the walls either.

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Jack Riepe said...

Dear Conchscooter:

Now I just loved this post. The San Carlos looks like it might have made a great hotel.

I dialed the number on the posted dollar bill — the one under getting it up the ass — and a telephone rings in the White House Office of Voter Satisfaction.

Was the Applerouth Building always an open-fronted market?

I want the red skull hookah. On your next visit, could you get me a price?

Your pal,

Garythetourist said...

I share your feeling about, "My favorite time of day on Duval is early in the morning." I get some kind of perverse pleasure when riding my bike right down the middle of Duval at about 6:00am when no one else is in sight. Try that at 6:00pm and see how long you live.

Chuck and the Pheebs said...

The Porch is where it's at.

Chris Schultz and Keith St. Peter have done an amazing job with what is essentially a parlor in an antebellum house. 18% ABV beer? Yep. Only place in town where one may have 6 Bud Lights in a single glass.

And yes - Duval in the AM is as good as it gets. Stale beer smell and all.

GTT - when riding one's bike down Duval early, please give way to the barefoot motorcyclist astride an open pipe BSA. he's not good at yielding.

JACK!!! the hookah is cheap - it's the damage done when your credit card # is stolen that makes the transaction expensive...

And we called them bongs back in the day. Crushed ice and 7-Up. Wow.

Conchscooter said...

Drug addicts.they are all drug addicts.

Singing to Jeffrey's Tune said...

Let me guess, you drank the 7-up afterwards? Speaking of which, my copy of Southern Brew has KeyWest Beerfest Sept 1-5, I wonder if the Porch is participating? Surely if they have ABV of 18% (man that has to be like barleywine).