Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Mobile Blogging

I have made a commitment to blogging daily with multiple essays and I try never to post without pictures. Indeed I find it odd how many bloggers complain of the difficulties of adding pictures to their essays. Even riding my motorcycle around town with my basic iPad 1 and my modest pocket camera I have a mobile blogging platform, in this case uploading at the Key West library Sunday afternoon.

I discovered the public library, a fine government institution, keeps it's public access wireless access open when the library is closed. I sat on the steps and uploaded my essays just like any Key West homeless bum! Richard in Alaska asked if I liked my iPad and this essay is the resounding "yes!" I send in reply.

My wife bought me the basic iPad, the first model, refurbished with warranty for about $290. It has no cellphone access which I could add with a mobile router for less than a hundred bucks and a thirty dollar a monthly fee if I wanted- but I don't. I limit myself to wireless access only which worked just barely when I was in Europe and works fine here in the US thanks to libraries, McDonalds, Starbucks and the like.

iPads are notorious for not being compatible with popular blogging platforms but if you like Blogger or WordPress in particular the $3 BlogPress application is brilliantly simple and effective. It's so easy I never even bother to use my laptop at home any more. And yes my wife did buy me a $6 pink iPad case on the grounds I wear pink Crocs and it was the cheapest one available. If it bothers you, too bad; I'm straight and I'm fearless.

For $30 Apple will sell you a photo card adaptor which downloads pictures into the iPad. You can do it direct as I prefer to do or the kit also offers an adaptor that you plug into your camera. The photos appear instantly in the photo page and you can clear the pictures from the card if you like after loading them into the iPad's photo page.

BlogPress is so simple that with one tap of your finger you can pull up the stored pictures, from the "last import" or "all stored" or by a list of dated "daily downloads." One finger tap on the desired picture and BlogPress sticks the picture in the essay wherever the cursor sits. It couldn't be easier. If you make a mistake a do-over is two finger taps away.

I keep my pixels few and picture size modest to make everything easy, both to upload and for people to view. I have noted that I cannot alter pictures in any way, no cropping and no exposure adjustments which was all I ever did on my laptop. In the script I get no italics but I do get tons of accented letters, è,ê,û,ß,æ,ā,ñ,ł, and so forth. It is quite fun to use an iPad, speaking as a former PC devotée.

My modest little Canon SX100 fits in my pocket and takes very decent pictures. It uses Double A batteries and rechargeables are good for several hundred pictures between 40 minute recharges. I carry a spare pair with me and in a crisis I can walk into a convenience store or gas station anywhere in the world and buy alkalines for emergency use. That's my portable studio and news center in a nutshell. Great fun and dead easy and once the equipment is purchased operating costs are zero.

With BlogPress I can write and store my completed essays in the iPad so when I reach a wireless signal I can simply tap them and either publish them directly to my blog or store them in the blog's online storage system and give them a time and date for future publication automatically. If you have thought about blogging from an iPad let me reiterate I am a total klutz when it it comes to computing so when I say this is simplicity itself, believe me, it really is.

One other thing not really related, but anyone who comments on my blog will notice I do not use word jumbles to verify comments. This is because commenting is easier and you would be astonished how well Blogger filters spam, by sending it to my e- mail account where I can choose to publish it or bin the comment at my leisure. If I rate it as spam, blogger will bin it directly the next time it comes. I recommend all bloggers try dumping the word salad verification as an experiment. Your readers will thank you and your blog won't suffer. Besides you may very well decide Russian Porn and Latvian electronics are something you could one day use.

- Posted using BlogPress from my iPad


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bobskoot said...

Mr Conchscooter:

I wished it were that easy. I have to downrez all my photos through an image resizer, then upload them to a host such as Webshots, or Photobucket, then I have to HTML code each one individually where the curser sits. It is like having another job in the evening. and when I have to edit video clips, that takes more hours and then I have to upload to Youtube. My 500 meg videos in HD often take a couple of hours to upload, that is after a couple of hours of editing.

your life seems so simple . . .

Riding the Wet Coast

Conchscooter said...

My life is as simple as I can make it. Just looking at the cockpit of your motorcycle in your latest post gives me a headache.
Besides I don't like videos. Pictures and words....