Monday, October 31, 2011

Rose Street

With all the emphasis on Duval Street and nudity it might be a useful reminder that there'd are other parts of the city barely touched by nudity.

Old fashioned style cement block buildings are popular in this
part of town east of White Street generally speaking.

People who lived in Old Town years ago when dilapidation was the order of the day wanted to move out and live in these neighborhoods where modern conveniences included air conditioning and waterproof homes.

These days off street parking is a huge boon, not to be underestimated when you listen to winter residents complain all winter long that they can't park in front of their homes.

To make the problem worse many people in Old Town, to enlarge their small homes converted garages into rooms consequently parking woes increased...

A lot of new arrivals think New Town lacks sex appeal, and maybe it does as architecture tends to the bland but convenience is not to be discounted when you are living here for more than a week. Like having a car port to stash your crap:

Cheyenne can sometime s be the epitome of "dogged."

I got the feeling we were being watched.

Still being dogged. I thought a quick sit down in the Lazy Boy might do.

Dd I mention skies have been cloudy a lot lately?

Well, they have been.

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Len said...

Off the subject...but wanted to say, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" to you Michael. Now all your "followers" can add this most auspicious day to their calendars! :) Hope it's a dandy!