Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Duval And Greene

Tourists on scooters and sidewalks underneath the sign that marks the epicenter of Key West to most people.

The dark clouds of an impending storm offset the pastels of the buildings quite nicely.

It was an evening that turned into light rain wind and thus appropriate for indoor entertainment.

Years ago it used to be that every breeze would knock out power somewhere but these days Keys Energy (pace City Electric) keeps the juice flowing magically in almost all conditions. They keep their boxes well labelled rather like the fusebox in the hall at my home.

Overwhelming choice in non-Cuban cigars, was my caption for the picture below. I don't smoke but I do enjoy how the Embargo requires cigar sellers to label their most desirable products as "almost Cuban." Grown from Cuban seed is my favorite as though Dominican grown is good enough.

The mysterious Porter Mansion which houses the only drinking hole worthy of the name on Lower Duval: the Porch, home to draft Belgian Palm beer.

It must be my fevered imagination but these ticket booths seem to be popping up everywhere like mushrooms after a rain shower. Business looked slack.

Among others one of my great disappointments is that I don't like to wear a hat. I like admiring them, but on my head they itch and I have to keep moving them around.

I meant to take a picture of an early budding Christmas Tree in the spirit of the true meaning of Christmas in a world dominated by commerce. In a rather nice piece of symbolism I accidentally managed to get a reflection of St Paul's rendering the shop window in half.

The emotional tug of war between Key West as home and Key West as source of income never ends.

It is decidedly unfortunate that I'm frequently pleased to see Lower Duval not filled with frantic shoppers and drinkers. I think I am missing the summer doldrums already. Oh dear.

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