Saturday, November 19, 2011

My Commute

I had to pull over, and luckily I had a few minutes to spare. The sun was setting in a blaze of orange glory underneath the bank of clouds that have been creating a summer-like sky and I needed to try to enjoy the moment.

I like the Saddlebunch Keys as a stopping place. In the morning heading home I sometimes get to see a glorious sunrise on my way home and its around here that I stop, at Mile marker 14 or thereabouts. In the distance to the northwest lie Shark key and Big Coppitt behind it.

I don't much like stopping on my commute because I always feel the pressure to get on and get to work forcing my hand. When I'm playing with my camera I like to take the time to think things through, but if I didn't stop and take a few pictures on the fly I would have no record at all of my glorious commute.

I've said it before but it's worth noting that working at night opens up the possibility, the likelihood of a quiet ride to work against the flow of the workaday traffic patterns. To make the commute by Triumph is even better and to do it on this among the most scenic of highways is just the cherry on the sundae. And from time to time events conspire to light the horizon from end to end in golden sunlight.

I feel great good fortune living here as I do, and even saying good-bye to Cheyenne is compensated for by the ride in to work. Cheyenne retreats to the bedroom and pouts alluringly on the bed but the call of duty drags me away and the siren call of the Bonneville makes the commute an adventure. I did take the time to notice a little of the sun's golden reflection off the attempt to take a moment in the middle of the ride.

I have been missing Key West lately with too much work and too much commuting and not enough lurking on the streets of my favorite city. This winter I am looking forward to some interesting dramas offered at both the Waterfront and the Red Barn about that time of year when cold fronts start to bite. Its as much of a season change as I need, fifty degrees and crisp, not quite able to see my breath when I come out of the theater in the darkness of clear night sky. I'll still be commuting by Bonneville and still looking out for sunsets.

A good looking sunset is a thing of beauty.

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