Saturday, November 12, 2011

Sign Boneyard

At the end of Government Road in the far rear of Little Hamaca City Park there is an open space with old sheds that have been adapted for use as a place to store old signs.

I found it quite delightful in it's eccentricity.

Here they languish, higgeldy piggeldy until next time they are needed.

Oh yes, come one come all and fill our town with merriment (and loud mufflers!).

Seeing these signs lying around makes one wish for the power to install them at will.

Public works are the people who do what needs to be done.

Ready for any contingency, federal or local.

Running these events apparently takes some forethought.

But on the subject of signs, what is this fashion for transporting the written word across one's buttocks?

Cheyenne had nothing to envy the muzzled leashed and carefully controlled sweet dog.

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