Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tail Of The Dragon

There is this place, my wife was astonished to learn, where motorcyclists gather in the mountains.

It's on US Highway 129 between North Carolina and Tennessee and it is to found on the edge of unspoiled national lands. Lands developers have not yet managed to wrest from we the people.

The road winds a long way into the middle of nowhere from the edge of nowhere. This is isolated country.

And there in the middle of nowhere rises the symbol of motorcycling Nirvana in Deal's Gap the motorcycle-only resort.

The place was closed for the season and of motorcycles there were none but you can tell this place does get busy.

The Tail of the Dragon is a much hyped section of Highway 129 said to include nearly 400 turns in eleven miles. Many are called to ride this road and a few are chosen for spectacular spills. Their motorcycle parts get hung on a tree at the resort.

Cheyenne went to look for bits from my Bonneville on the tree of shame.

For some the tree of shame is a place to advertise!

Good job Micah!

The Tail of the Dragon is all about bikes and is a well thought our facility.

The road is a road and it's all fine for riding.

But hype rules these days and the Tail of the Dragon is hyped.

We were two hours from Asheville and we had sent entirely too long in the car.

The drive out of Deal's Gap marked an epochal moment in my marriage as a driver. For the first time in history my wife urged me to drive faster as she feared being late for the family. Oh, I said, a little surprised and suddenly the winding drive became fun. Not as fun as a ride, and certainly not as fun for Cheyenne but I'd did get to wring the little Fusion out.

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David Lybrand said...
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David Lybrand said...

Here's a pretty cool short video about the Dragon called Ride The Dragon Like A Girl. And she happens to be riding a Triumph....

Conchscooter said...

A woman on a triumph? Can't beat that. With crap Internet access I shall havebto wait to check it out!