Sunday, December 4, 2011

Key West Commute

Leave home a few minutes early and instead of riding straight to work down the industrial suburb of North Roosevelt take instead the beach route.

Tourists out enjoying a sunset cruise:

Commercial fishermen homeward ploughing their weary way:

Landlubbers absorbing the astonishing view:

Some standing some sitting and some sprawling:

Others with their backs to the view get on with the all important business of getting spliced. For in the nautical world splicing is the art of joining two ropes indissolubly and almost invisibly. I used to be able to do a simple splice, once.

I've been married 18 years so that sort of splice I can still manage. I liked watching these two happy visitors adventuring far from Mallory Square on scooters no less, to enjoy their own tropical sunset.

To me, the cool part is they would never in life contemplate riding a scooter at home whereas in Key West such madness comes naturally. As naturally as the sun setting in a blaze of glory.

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