Thursday, December 8, 2011

Steven Avenue

Key West realtors split the city into a third segment between Old and New Towns and they called it...Mid Town. Whatever.

Just because the homes are modern and built of solid materials that don't leak or bend in a strong wind doesn't mean they can't be made to look pretty, and vegetation is everywhere.

I saw this strip of loam and I have to say I was quite surprised by how rich and dark it looked. In the land of pea rock and limestone this stuff looks like it should be cultivated with food crops.

Cheyenne had a blast and I was much more relaxed walking her on the wide New/Mid Town street.

Off street parking, greenery and privacy.

What's not to like?

Construction! Always a good sign in a stuttering economy.

Key West Almost International Airport has the runway perfectly aligned to send planes right over homes, not over open water. Where the noise wouldn't be heard.

But a scooter is commuter enough to get all around town from here.

Compared to no offsets and overhanging neighbors this part of town is wide open between homes.

I like these homes outside the tourist zone.

All American white picket fence and a sidewalk.

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