Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Angela And The Hill

S You have to climb the hill on foot from time to time to remind yourself how flat the Florida Keys really are.

Angela crosses Simonton Street, above, and rises to the giddy height of 16 feet above sea level, nearly five meters in Canadian money.

Along the way one passes several attractive mansions on the uphill slope.

Alongside homes of less immodest bulk and equipped with old fashioned cooling systems like modest louvers.

Smaller homes, off street parking and a palm or two reminds us this is in fact Old Town, Key West. The absence of snow confirms this is winter.

Frangipani struggling to produce a new round of leaves. Mine at home is further behind than this one which is showing signs if spring-like activity.

Cheyenne is a good girl. She has learned to wait patiently while I focus the camera.

She never queries why I take pictures of that which I do. She just appreciates the chance to be out and about walking and talking with me, an uncomplicated view of life.

Check out these homes close to Solares Hill.

They are quite varied.

I am a fan of smaller dwellings for the ease and convenience.

If it is not already apparent I love a life filled with indifference for the envy of my neighbors. Being envied seems an overrated status to me. I would, however, like a nice solid modern roof on my little home.

This large slab of yellow painted wood forms the distinctive side of a large house at the top of the hill at the end of this section of Angela Street. The lower panel appears to be a door to nowhere, the steps removed long since and the door never opened anymore.

I have remarked previously on all the cactus I keep finding around Key West now that I am looking for it.

A cat sunning itself on a step. It's not a Labrador but it was pretty cute watching it luxuriate in the winter sun.

Angela Street,

...a fine place to be of a winter afternoon.

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Anonymous said...

The door to nowhere, if I recall correctly, is on the house at the top of the hill. That house used to be a store/general market - long, long ago. The door is where the wagons loaded and unloaded. I do believe this story, as where I grew up, there was a restored 100+ year old house and the carriage entrance was at that height.

Len said...

Is that the huge house on the corner of Elizabeth Street? I wonder if that beast will ever sell? What a project that will be.

Len said...

I think the house that I'm picturing is on the corner of Olivia and Elizabeth, sorry.

Unknown said...

Mr Conchscooter;

I believe that door is for unwanted guests, who are led out unsuspectingly to their surprise . . .

Riding the Wet Coast

Conchscooter said...

The story of the door sounds good to me. I hope they keep it there, at Angela and Elizabeth.
It would be a slow death bob as its three feet off the ground and there isn't much traffic whizzing by there.