Monday, February 20, 2012

Key West Pictures

I am strictly utilitarian when it comes to my wheels. I would no more do this to my Bonneville than I would to myself. It's typical Key West though.

I thought this sign was rather vague. Are the firefighters supposed to mooch around inside the structure until either a) no living thing seems to be inside or b) the house falls on their heads while they take an animal inventory?

I am not completely sure what a Fellowship Hall is but it appears to be some kind of church though I suppose in some respects it must be different to a church. I like the title Fellowship, it seems rather chummy and cheerful. I wonder why all churches aren't called fellowship halls.

This mansion is attached to the church on Simonton Street. The church has towers and the mansion has delicious light blue...

...shutters. You can see the church's crenellated tower in the background.

On the subject of crenellations some industrious person went to a lot of trouble to build this wall with artfully angled bricks.

There were a lot of them lining the property and it's walkways. I hope they are a daily source of pleasure to somebody because they seem mighty labor intensive.

Cheap and cheerful is more my style, though I do like my air conditioning. All the same old Florida louvers fascinate me.

This is how Key West works it's magic, small details on houses and streets and in the air that set this town aside as unique.

That and the constant message of inclusiveness.

Not always achieved but always in the forefront of the mind, this one human family thing.

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