Friday, February 17, 2012

Mile Marker 82

This unprepossessing sign marks an oasis on a stretch of Highway One where the speed limit is slow and passing is forbidden. Better to pull over here and let the funeral cort├Ęge roll on without you.

There is a convenient parking lot suitable to feed a dog her breakfast, and take off walking with time enough to take a few pictures.

This part of the Keys is not terribly scenic owing in part to the shortage of water views...

...and the lack of urban planning.

They indulge in public drinking apparently as Cheyenne naturally found a discarded "to go" cup filled with delicious rainwater.

Lorelei the mermaid that seduces men to their doom was sitting outside an establishment named after her. As she is about twelve feet tall it's difficult to imagine who might picture themselves seducing her and being taken by surprise by her overwhelming...personality.

More prosaically the signs at the exit to the parking lot fuss over the poor dears in their cars. Seat belts will save your life but brow beating fools into wearing them seems like a waste of a good opportunity to cull the population.

Cheyenne wanted to pop into the few remaining old trailers in this glamorous community but I figured they probably didn't need to share their last crust with a ravenous Labrador.

The old Islander sign still stands overlooking the highway. My great regret is that I never took the time to drive underneath it when that was still possible. The advent of new landscaping saw the driveway redirected to one side of the sign.

It was a cloudy scenic day when I reached the turn around point and made my slow way back home.

That's quite a waterfront view for some lucky travelers camping illegally no doubt and apparently getting away with it as the sun was up and illegal camping now rated as legal parking.

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Anonymous said...

Sometime stop on the side of the road and visit a small graveyard right on the beach. It surived the 1935 hurricane and is located on the Checca Lodge property.

Anonymous said...

If you park yor car by the hurricane monument and walk up the road leading to the ocean, I belive it's beach road, the view of the ocean is quite a site to be hold. The group of houses along the road are part of rentals called "The Moorings". You will get a chance for some great photos. Lots of shade for your puppy dog.

Conchscooter said...

thanks I'll do that.